休斯顿 Forecasted to Add Approximately 60,000 Jobs, But Recession Uncertainty Could Swing the Gain

2022年12月8日出版.J. Mistretta


休斯顿(12月. 8, 2022) – 的 大休斯顿伙伴关系 forecasts the 休斯顿 region will see significant job growth in the year ahead, 但究竟有多少增长以及哪些领域的增长,在很大程度上取决于美国经济能否实现增长.S. 在2023年陷入衰退,随后的衰退深度和持续时间都将持续. 

休斯顿’s economy is more directly tied to the national economy than at any other time in recent memory and will almost certainly follow the U.S. 陷入衰退. 随着经济学家越来越多地认为,美国经济将继续增长.S. recession is inevitable—thanks in large part to rising interest rates designed to slow inflation—the question now turns to what that recession will look like and how it might affect specific industries. 

休斯顿地区经济展望 publication was released in conjunction with the Partnership's event by the same name on December 8. 在伙伴关系的基线预测中, 休斯顿在2023年上半年经历了短暂而轻微的衰退, 随着第三季度经济恢复增长. 这可能意味着净收益约为60,800个工作岗位——略低于该地区65个的长期平均水平,000 to 70,每年新增就业岗位10000个, 但仍然有很大的增长. 如果休斯顿能完全避免经济衰退的话, 伙伴关系的“最佳情况”设想, 该地区可能会有多达79个,2023年新增200个工作岗位. However, if a recession is prolonged, growth would likely be limited to a gain of just 30,400 jobs. 

即使在最坏的情况下, 休斯顿’s core industries are well-buffered to handle the downturn and will not see wholesale job losses, 根据预报. 不管情况如何, 增长最强劲的将是该地区的建筑业, 皇冠HGA010官方下载, 政府, 卫生保健, 专业服务, 餐饮业.

Partnership Chief Economist Patrick Jankowski puts the likelihood of a short and shallow recession (the baseline) at 50%, (最好的情况)接近30%, 而且很有可能, 经济衰退持续20%.

“当商业领袖们预计经济衰退的时候, 他们不会让它破坏他们的计划,扬科夫斯基说. 在最近的一次CEO调查中, 世界大型企业联合会发现,98%的受访者预计经济衰退将在12-18个月内出现, but 86% plan to maintain or increase their capital budgets and 44% plan to continue hiring during the downturn. “That tells us that business is prepared for what’s coming, but more importantly looking beyond it.” 

根据德州劳动力委员会的说法, 火箭增加了令人难以置信的144个席位,到今年10月,Hga010皇冠软件下载将创造1万个新工作岗位. Partnership President and CEO Bob Harvey said he’s pleased with the region’s economic momentum. “当Hga010皇冠软件下载展望2023年,展望未来, 我对休斯顿的前景非常乐观, 尽管可能出现经济衰退. We have our challenges—from ensuring we lead on the 皇冠HGA010官方下载 transition to effectively competing for top talent—but each time 休斯顿 has been underestimated, Hga010皇冠软件下载取得了胜利. 我相信这种情况将再次出现.” 

A sector-by-sector breakdown of the jobs forecast and the factors impacting each industry can be found in the 完整的报告.


大休斯顿伙伴关系致力于使休斯顿成为最适合居住的地方之一, 努力创业. 作为本地区的经济发展组织, the Partnership champions growth across 12 counties by bringing together business and civic-minded leaders who are dedicated to the area’s long-term success. Representing 950 member organizations and approximately one-fifth of the region’s workforce, 合作伙伴关系是公司聚集在一起产生影响的地方. 欲知详情,请浏览 休斯顿.org.

A.J. Mistretta




休斯顿 continues to evolve as a premier destination for life sciences and biomanufacturing through a multifaceted strategy that capitalizes on its existing strengths and fosters innovation and growth.   自1945年成立以来, the Texas Medical Center has evolved into a vast medical district spanning 5 square miles  and serving over ten million patients annually.  德克萨斯医疗中心内有60多家机构, 作为休斯顿协作生态系统的催化剂, 比如细胞治疗制造中心, JLABS@TMC和CUBIO. This helps set the stage for groundbreaking research and provides direct access to nearly 5,000个正在进行的临床试验, 这是创新的一大福音.   Recent years have witnessed significant strides in laying a robust foundation for 休斯顿's position as a leader in innovative life sciences and biotechnology. 这些努力在上个月Bisnow的生命科学进化活动上成为焦点, 与生命科学行业的领导者一起, real estate and innovation envisioning the future growth of the 休斯顿 life sciences market. 作为优势共享的资产包括获得临床试验的机会, 商业环境, 劳动力努力和生活质量.   “能够接触到患者群体对成功至关重要, 尤其是多元化的人口,莫尼克·奈特, Portal 创新s的博士说. “获得这些临床试验和相关专业知识是一个关键的好处, 而且住得离科学发展的地方很近.”   立法行为, such as the passage of Proposition 10 in November which provides new incentives for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, 提高区域竞争力和经济前景. 另外, 对劳动力发展的投资, exemplified by collaborations between educational institutions and industry partners like San Jacinto College and the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT), 确保未来有一个熟练的人才库.  “与公司的关系, 大学和高中是一体的,” Pearland EDC Vice President Brian Malone said on the panel at Bisnow discussing suburban life sciences growth. “We’ve really worked hard on that with a business retention plan to find out what type of training and what type of workers these companies need.”   此外, substantial real estate investments further support life sciences research and development. TMC’s Helix Park opened in 2023 with the TMC Collaborative Building and industry research hub Dynamic One, 新租户休斯顿卫理公会租了75号,800平方英尺. 就在医疗区北边, 海恩斯的Levit Green目前租赁了近300辆,000 square feet of purpose-built lab and office space as part of a future 53-acre district. 在地铁的东北侧, McCord’s master-planned Generation Park recently broke ground on a new Center for 生物技术 in partnership with San Jacinto College. 在森林里, 亚历山大正在把科技森林广场8800号开发成325号,000平方英尺的A级空间.   Initiatives such as the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) and a thriving innovation ecosystem further reinforce the city's position at the forefront of bioscience breakthroughs and economic impact.  拥有战略优势,比如一流的港口, 多样化的人口, 以及进入全球市场的可能性, 休斯顿准备进一步提升其作为生命科学创新中心的地位. 随着休斯顿继续推进其生命科学和生物技术领域, 合作和增长的机会比比皆是, 推动公共卫生进步,推动下一波生物科学创新.   探索休斯顿充满活力的生命科学生态系统.  


休斯顿(12月. 7, 2023) — 的 大休斯顿伙伴关系 forecasts the 休斯顿 region will see job growth in 2024, 虽然速度较慢, 比如利率, 劳动力市场吃紧和商业房地产市场动荡给经济带来压力. 在合伙人的预测中, 该地区预计将增加57个,600个工作岗位, 在大流行后创纪录的就业增长之后,恢复到更可持续的速度. 截至2023年10月,休斯顿比疫情前增加了近20万个就业岗位.  “自疫情爆发以来,休斯顿地区一直在冲刺. So, 而明年的增长将会放缓, 休斯顿的经济依然富有弹性,伙伴关系首席经济学家帕特里克·扬科夫斯基说.  根据预报, 2024年的失业将发生在建筑行业, 金融保险, 信息, 而房地产行业则受到利率上升的影响, 更严格的贷款标准和持续的劳动力短缺. 越来越多的经济学家一致认为,美国经济正在复苏.S. will skirt a recession next year after the long-awaited recession never materialized this year. According to the Wall Street Journal’s latest quarterly survey of business and academic economists, 他们认为明年经济衰退的可能性为48%, 这是自2022年以来首次低于50%. 但也有人担心,美国以外的地区可能会发生一些事件.S. 美联储的控制,比如美国的地缘政治,仍可能引发经济衰退. 休斯顿’s economy is directly tied to the national economy and will almost certainly follow the U.S. 陷入衰退. A sector-by-sector breakdown of the jobs forecast and the factors impacting each industry can be found in the 完整的报告.




门票现正发售! 的 大休斯顿伙伴关系 invites you to the 休斯顿全球经济状况 on May 2, 2024. 休斯顿与全球经济的联系随着城市的发展而发展……